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YEM - Power of YEM

1. YEM is official payment partner of World's Biggest Patented Solario Project.

You can visit this project

2. EMMAR Group of Companies Dubai and So many real estate firms Joined hands with Twnkl Estate. ( Twnklestate official payment partner is YEM)

You can see the project

3. In Germany UAC Holdings GMBH is the first compnay entered into commercial register (Registation Number HRB 20401 KI).The 100% capital for this paid in YEM. And it is audited by German Auditing firm and this process fully recognized by the registry of Court.

4. In one sentence YEM meets all the Government standards specified by Federal Germany Finance Ministry.

5.YEM is under control of YEM foundation. It is a first INGO represents digital currency and member of UIA.

YEM Foundation Govt Registration ID is NV20171765116 and registered office located at Rainbow Currency Foundation dba YEM FOUNDATION

1101 N Rainbow Blvd, STE 35

Las Vegas, NV 89108

Approx for every 3 mins one new user opening wallet in YEM. It is already having 3 million members from 157 countries.

Hearty Congratulations on your first step.

You can buy YEM coins in two ways.

1. Company Exchange - 1 YEM - 70 RS (0.91$)

2.Through YEM coin Team - 1 YEM  - 60 RS (0.79$) (Minimum quantity 150 YEM)

For everyone who is buying this we will give benefits of YEM coins through videos and Ebook.

After purchasing we will help you to create digital wallet in YEM (Rainbow currency)

Yem coin official rate you can see in this website  

Minimum order : (On purchasing of EBook we will Reward you cashback in YEM)

E book on YEM + 150 Coins :  9,000 rs   (No extra bonus/Gift)

E book on YEM + 200 Coins 12,000 rs  (Get extra gift or bonus offer valid till 30 May 2020)

E book on YEM + 300 coins : 18,000 rs  (Get extra gift or bonus offer valid till 30 May 2020)

E book on YEM + > 500 coins cashback (Passport verification is compulsory)

For any queries message us on whatsapp :

For any queries our whatsapp number is : +91 9513594294

Or +91 8884883456

After buying YEM coins how to cashout?

There are three ways to cash out.

To get benefits of YEM coin minimum it will take six months to 1 year of time.

Offline Exchange : Once YEM coin reaches to good value..You can transfer coins in online from one wallet to another (Friend or relative or any interested person wallet.).

Global Exchange : Company planning to launch global exchange. Minimum it will take one year. We can cash out at global exchange. All YEM coins you cant cash out at a time. But step by step you can cash out YEM coins.

Shopping : In next two to three months company planning to launch shopping website. Where you can buy Mobiles, Cameras and Online Jewels etc.,


Step 1 : Please make payment.

Step 2 : Please fill the below form

Link to pay via Debit or Credit card or Internet Banking or Google pay or Phone pe : (Minimum amount to pay 5,000 Rs)

(The above link is for purchasing E Learning YEM)

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After making the payment send the screenshot to our whatsapp number : +91 9513594294 or +91 8884883456 and fill this form.

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