Hearty Welcome to Verification Process FAQ:

Verification process divided into three parts:

part 1 : Updating account profile in safe.zone
part 2 : Paying 10$ (After successful verification..Yem foundation rewards you 20 YEM)
Part 3: Updating and downloading the app at safezonepass.com

What documents needs to be handy ?

2.Bank statement or Electricity Bill or Broadband Bill or Gas Bill

Please read two to three times before verifying your account....

Safe Zone following highest international standards to verify its members.

Safezone verification divided into three parts.

Please update your account profile as shown below: (Name and Date of Birth as per passport and Address as per bank statement or electricity bill or broadband bill or Ga bill etc.,) 

What is POI?

POI is nothing but proof of Identity...you need to upload valid passport copy.. Where your Name and Date of Birth needs to match with account profile.

What is POA?

POA is nothing but proof of address..You need to upload bank statement or Electricity Bill Or Gas Bill Or Broadband bill..In POA your Name and address needs to be there. It needs to be match with your account profile

How to pay 10$ and when will I get 20 YEM?

Payment via Paypal and after successful completion of verification..system will give you 20 YEM extra...

What is Part 3?

In Part 3 you need to complete profile as per safe zone profile. And after giving the details system will generate one code...It will ask to download mobile app.

In mobile app..you need to give the code and needs to scan the passport and you need to take the selfie etc.,

After completion of every step...You need to wait for two to three days to see whether your account is verified or not?

How can I know my account is verified or not?

After completion of all three steps...Please log into https://safezonepass.com and see whether your account is verified or not...But it will take minimum 2 to 3 days to update the status...

After 2 to 3 days also if my account is Unverified how to resolve?

Dear Users

At the time of Verification how to resolve issues

Verification involves three parts.

Part 1 : Updating POI and POA and account profile at safe.zone

Part 2 : Paying 10$..

If you encounter any issues with part 1 and part 2 please contact Support section safe.zone

Steps to contact

Log into safe.zone (You can use your same PERNUM and password to log in) After Log in click on Support and raise the ticket...

They usually reply with in one to two days...

Their response you can see at Support Section only...

Part 3

This is mainly giving the same details again and downloading the mobile app and scanning the passport etc.,

Incase of any issues with app..Please contact their support team at


Note If ID Now team responds via email...If you didn't got any response after two days then please contact support at safe.zone and explain like idnow team not responding etc.,

Very Important

The verification is not in our hands..In case of any issues it is compulsory to follow the above process..No one helped us for our verification..We are also members like you..Our duty is based on purchase we have to load YEM to your wallet..Nothing more than that...

Good Luck.....