Hearty Welcome to Verification Process:

If you don't have passport ...Don't do verification...As of now for verification only passport is accepted.

Please do verification if you want to buy more than 500 YEM in future.

Verification is not a one day process..It may take one week also..Patience is the only key to do verification successfully. (This is only first part of verification and there are another two parts we need to follow to complete verification)

We are requesting you please read entire information two to three times before start of verification.

Verification process divided into three parts:

part 1 : Updating account profile in safe.zone
part 2 : Paying 10$ (After successful verification..Yem foundation rewards you 20 YEM
Part 3: Updating and downloading the app at safezonepass.com

Part 1 of verification:

Step 1 : Please login to https://www.safe.zone (Please Login using your PERNUM)

Step 2: Click on Profile

Step 3 :Click on Account Profile and fill the Name, Date of Birth and Address etc., (Please give name and date of birth as passport) and address give as it is in bank statement or power bill or water bill or Broadband bill. (Address proof should not be older than 3 months)

Step 4 : Upload POI (Proof of Identity) - Please upload your passport copy. (Please upload full passport copy - (Name and DOB must match with your account profile . If it is not matching Update the Account Profile as per passport)

Step 5 : Upload POA (Proof of Address) - Please upload any latest bank statement or water bill or Internet Bill or Electricity Bill with your Name and address mentioned on it. (Name and address must match with account profile..If it is not matching update the account profile as per proof)

Note: For proof of address your Name and Address should match with account profile.

Step 6 : Click on Membership and select your status as Member..If it is already selected as Member no need to do any changes.

In case of any issues please go through verification FAQ : CLICK HERE


Please see below screenshots to understand this.

This is just first step of your verification...Once it is done you need to go to next step of verification.

For Part 2 of verification message us in whatsapp like

I completed PART 1 of verification...

Please give me PART 2 of the verification...

Thank you