To know more about YEM coin:

What is YEM?

YEM is a first crypto currency backed up by Gold deposits, Company shares and partnered with international projects. It is from Rainbow currency foundation. Founded by more than 3700 internet users all over the world from 157 different countries.

Is it legal?

100% Legal...

After buying coins if you cheat me with out giving YEM?

Don't worry please see previous customer feedback.

Who is behind YEM?

YEM is part of the Safe Zone. The parent company having 3 million users all over the world.

It is associated with world's biggest projects like SOLARIO, TWNKLESTATE, TWNKLCARS And many more.

When YEM is started?

YEM started to grow at the end of 2019. So this is in initial stage. It's time to grab.

What is the growth of the YEM?

YEM will increase base on growth of company projects and members. As of now approx for every 3 minutes 1 new member is joining in YEM.

1 YEM Predictions as follows :

Jan 2020 ~ 0.45$

Apr 2020 ~ 0.85$

June 2021 ~ ???

YEM is from?

YEM is from Rainbow currency foundation. It is a INGO and member of UIA. Headquarters in USA. Rainbow Currency Foundation is a Non-Profit Corporation, registered in Nevada Business ID NV20171765116.

Where is the address of YEM?

Rainbow Currency Foundation dba YEM FOUNDATION
1101 N Rainbow Blvd, STE 35
Las Vegas, NV 89108

How to buy YEM coins?

To make flexible to Indian users we introduced multiple payment options like Google pay / Phone Pe / PAYTM
Debit or Credit cards or Internet banking.

After buying YEM coins where can I see my balance?

Step 1 :We need to open a wallet for YEM. We will give you step by step process to create wallet via pdf.

Step 2: We need to update profile as per Govt ID proof.

Step 3:Once we received your payment, we will transfer YEM to your wallet.

How many YEM I need to BUY?

Company exchange price is 1.06$ (80 Rs) for 1 YEM.

Our price is 70 Rs.

Minimum purchase is 100 YEM. (100*70 = 7,000 Rs)

After buying YEM how to cash out?

To get benefits from YEM minimum it will take one to two years.

We can cash out via 

1.Offline Exchange -  We can transfer YEM from our wallet to another user wallet. Official rate of YEM we can seet at

2.Global Exchange - It will take one to two years to launch and to become fully functional.Here we can sell YEM via company exchange to anyone in the world.

How to Join?

If you are comfortable in Hindi :

English and Telugu

Happy Earnings